Social welfare in Malawi

Social welfare and Open Arms Charity are two main institutions in Malawi that help those in need. Their main mission is to provide the endangered families with basic life supplies so that they can lead a normal life. Everyone is encouraged to donate and thus contribute not only to these families, but also to the society in general.

Majority of communities in Malawi live in extremely poor conditions and many of them raise children with special needs. Caring for those children is itself a challenge, especially when one is limited to resources and must take on the task as a single parent. The country is renowned for its rural areas which are constantly being explored and direct communication with its inhabitants being led. Thus, a documentary about a mother of 5 (Today unfortunately some of the children are no longer among the living.), a single parent, really hit us all and left speechless. Dorothy had 5 children out of which 3 had special needs. The disorders were the inability to sit or walk due to being incontinent, the inability to talk properly and to do regular daily activities. All of these had a negative impact on their schooling, which they could not attend as a reason of their poor health condition.

A district hospital doctor told her that all 3 of her children were born with a cerebral problem which has caused their conditions and there is no cure. Dorothy had to work all day and night to provide her children with everything they needed. People in their community do not assist her much, supposing she is used to living that way and just take it as normal. When it comes to aid, she sometimes receives help from well-wishers, but it is not consistent. The church has also assisted with a wheelchair. She has also received counselling which motivates her to have unconditional love for all her children. It also helped her not to feel alone or that she is different from other parents just because she is raising children with special needs.

As a parent she accepted her situation, and she believes all children are a gift from God. As a mother it is her duty to love and take care of her children. Stories like these are here to remind us that unconditional help towards anyone, but especially those in need, is of high importance because any human being deserves at least a decent life without fear for their family.