About the event

Concrete Poles supply from Serbia

Specification – Factory/warehouse set up of Electric concrete poles, telecom concrete poles manufacturing in Malawi

Certification – Factory certified by Tuv Nord standard

A reputable concrete pole manufacturer/producer from Serbia has expressed interest in setting up a factory/warehouse in Malawi. They already have existing customers in Africa but understood that setting up a factory in Malawi will reduce some of their transportation/manufacturing cost. The need to engage us into assisting with this transition is something they thought would be profitable in the long run. They have capacity to manufacture/produce 1000 poles per month from Serbia, this output will increase considerably due to lower operational costs in Malawi once we assist them with the set up.

Existing projects

Although our initiative is still in its early stages, we have already established some potential collaboration between Malawi and Serbia, here are a few projects we are working on


African Malawi


African Malawi

Concrete Poles supply from Serbia

Introduction of a Switzerland based charity organisation to Malawi