Meet the team

Peter Chulu

Meet Peter, Founder at AfriBalk Connect.

Peter is a Malawi national, currently residing in Serbia, with extensive knowledge of running international businesses in market research, real estate, and tourism. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully built and run businesses in Malawi, UK, Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro.
Peter is also a business investor, always on the lookout for potential opportunities that will complement his growing portfolio.

Phil Kangulu

Phil Kangulu, Operations Executive/Advisor at AfriBalk Connect.

With over ten years of Managerial level experience in Supply Chain and logistics across Southern Africa and China, and eight years of customer contact positions in the Hospitality industry in the United Kingdom , Philip has developed a practical and hands-on approach to problem solving and lateral thinking that has enabled him to ask key questions to find just the right angle for marketing or solving a problem.
Using his impressive social capital and transferable experiences, Philip is able to understand, build and implement quantitative strategic plans for a start-up companies.

Philip Kangulu