Improving tourism and cultural awareness of Malawi in Serbia

For the purpose of the research on the above-mentioned topic, the names used in this article will be random ones to preserve the privacy of its participants.

In order to better explain and bring the potential of Malawi in terms of its natural resources closer to the Serbian nation, we will first present its geographical location. Malawi is a landlocked country in south-eastern Africa. It is defined by its topography of highland split by the Great Rift Valley and the enormous Lake Malawi. This lake is located between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. It belongs to the group of the world’s largest lakes, and there are thousands of different types of fish in it. The country is full of beautiful landscapes that will mark your journey.

When a Serbian couple came to Malawi, they noticed that all the products were exclusively connected to the country’s market, but later on, the couple realized that they had started discovering all other necessary products leading towards the European market, and which they themselves were consuming as well. This indicates that business development in Malawi has taken off and that the Malawian middle class has begun to develop. Ben says that globalization, already present in Europe and in the West, will have an impact on Malawi as well, since the country is constantly growing and developing.

As someone who worked in Malawi in the construction industry as an architectural consultant, he encountered constructions of various sizes on a daily basis, from small houses and shops to renovated airports, hotels, and sports complexes. What attracted his attention the most is a magnificent sports complex built on the stadium in Lilongwe, financially supported by the Chinese government.

The aforementioned facts clearly indicate the wave and time of development in Malawi and suggest that this country also has a lot to offer, but that there are also undiscovered parts of it that are waiting to be explored and presented to the world in their best light.