Social welfare in Malawi

Social welfare and Open Arms Charity are two main institutions in Malawi that help those in need. Their main mission is to provide the endangered families with basic life supplies so that they can lead a normal life. Everyone is encouraged to donate and thus contribute not only to these families, but also to the …

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Serbians in Malawi

Many people nowadays seek for the better life and job opportunities abroad, however, rare are those who opt for a country of the third world. So, let us break your stereotypes and represent you a very interesting story of a Serbian family who decided to move to Malawi and continue their life there. Since everything …

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Benefits of investing in Africa

African potential business development is currently expanding, and many foreign investors decide to carry out their start-ups there. Possibilities for investment are many since the continent has a lot to offer in terms of natural resources in the first place. African countries with growing economies are integral to global economic development and have tremendous economic …

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