About us

AfriBalk Connect was founded in the latter part of 2020 by Peter Chulu, a Malawian diaspora entrepreneur who saw an important need to provide a specialised network to support High Net worth individuals, private and institutional investors to engage with opportunities between Africa and the Balkans. The mandate at AfriBalk is to identify and connect opportunities by leveraging our extensive networks and influence, helping members to identify synergies that add value that is both profitable and responsible.

Mission / vision

Our vision is to play a central and influential role in Africa‚Äôs social economic growth by guiding sustainable capital towards the continent. As the trusted entry point into Africa, we support and connect business and investment through a unique range of services and events, and our high standards and belief that a responsible and profitable public and private sector has a crucial role to play in Africa’s development.

Integral to our vision is the need to bridge the economical gap between Africa and the Balkans by developing sufficient and sustainable trade links and supporting large companies and local small medium enterprises (SMEs) to enhance social economic development.

At the heart of everything we will do is our commitment to support local communities. Our projects will develop in partnership with people we support, in this way we can work together to improve and enhance the export of knowledge, expertise and products as we break the poverty cycle and create sustainable communities across the continent.

Our team



Founder of Afribalk
Philip Kangulu

Philip Kangulu

Operations Executive/Advisor


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AfriBalk meets Ulemu Msungama Minister of youth and Sports
AfriBalk team meets Afro Jazz fusion artist - Spotless Temwa Gondwe
AfriBalk team meets Malawi National team netball player - Joyce Mvula
AfriBalk team visiting government officials at Lilongwe Capital hill
AfriBalk team meets Malawi Political Director Maxwell Kalamula
AfriBalk team meets Mr Ndalama - Director of sports in the ministry of youth and sports

Existing projects

Although our initiative is still in its early stages, we have already established some potential collaboration between Malawi and Serbia, here are a few projects we are working on


African Malawi


African Malawi

Concrete Poles supply from Serbia

Introduction of a Switzerland based charity organisation to Malawi